Compact Measurement Instrument

The ecom-EN2 is the multi-talent in the flue gas analysis – easy and compact on the one hand side, fitted with top technology on the other side – configurable with many additional options but above all an exciting instrument to work with.

  • Kompakt
    • Robust, compact and light weight
    • Automatic CO shut-down by CO exceeding for protection of CO-Sensor
    • Condensate trap with safety shut-off
  • Printer
    • Thermal quick printer
    • Fast response time
    • Under case available in two different heights (option)*
  • Longlife
    • Long-life sensors
    • Heating Check and 4 Pa Test (option)*
    • Up to four gas sensors
Measured Values
O2 (0-21 %); CO (0-4000 ppm), T-Gas (0-500 °C), T-Air (0-99 °C), pressure (± 100 hPa), differential tempera- ture, differential pressure
Sensor Options: NO (0-5000 ppm), NO2 (0-1000 ppm), SO2 (0-5000 ppm), CO ppm (extended range: 0-10.000 ppm), CO% (0-63.000 ppm)*
LCD-display, 79 x 53 mm, 240 x 120 dots, backlit, graphic-capable
Coaxial probe 220 mm* with triple-chamber hose 2.60 m*
Preparation of Measuring Gas
Quick gas transport (values promptly available) Condensation trap with fine dust filter and metal sieve Electronic condensate monitoring Automatic condensate evacuation (option) Electronic gas cooler (option)
Temperature trend indication for stream core determination CO shut-down without interruption of measurement Fresh air flushing by CO exceeding Fresh air purging after measuring operation
Thermal quick printer 58 mm Matrix printer 58 mm (option)*
Charger connection at case outside Multifunctional interface USB interface for data transfer Bluetooth interface for data transfer (option)*
Data processing
Multi-Media card (2000 values per MB) Data exchange with PC programme (option)*
Transport case, aluminium-framed Under case for transport case (option)*
Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 260 x 175 mm
Weight: approx. 6 kg complete with sampling system
Item No. Item
1080000 ecom-EN2, complete with 220 mm SCD probe in aluminium-framed case
1080100 ecom-EN2, complete with 220 mm SCD probe fitted in aluminium-framed case but with Mini-Peltier cooler instead of condense trap
101393 ecom-EN2, incl. O2, CO, NO sensor, complete with 220 mm SCD probe fitted in aluminium-framed case but with Mini-Peltier cooler instead of condense trap

TÜV Checked acc. to EN 50379-2
and 1st BImSchV

NEW: Option „Pressure Test“ (Loading Test, Tightness Check, Usability check) according to TRGI (see page 31) – also as upgrade package. Item No. 101394

*Further options/accessories like integrated Heating Check or 4 Pa Test, manual soot pump set storable in case cover per fixation set, alternative lengths and style for temperature and gas probes as well as under cases are available.